30TPD Kraft Fluting And Testliner Paper Making Machine With Fourdrinier forming

Ⅰ.Technical Parameter Of Kraft Fluting And Testliner Paper Making Machine

1.raw material :wood pulp

2.output paper: kraftlinter, high strength corrugated paper

3.output paper weight:90-180gsm

4.net paper width:2000mm

5.copper cylinder width:2400mm

6.capacity: 15-20T

7.working speed: 60-120m/min

8. design speed: 150m/min

9.drive way :Alternating current frequency conversion adjustable speed, section drive

II. Main structure for paper making machine :

1. Open type head box 2 sets

2. 13.5m forming table, 6.5m double wire

3. K press 1 set, main press 1 set

4. 1.5m dryer cylinder 10 sets

5. Sizing machine 1 set

6. 1.5m dryer cylinder 6 sets

7. Calendaring machine

8. Pneumatic horizontal rewinding machine 1 set

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