300T/D Testliner Paper Machine

Testliner paper machine

Good news! our company Leizhan successfully delivered paper machine for Jiangxi Wanzai Paper company, our engineer designed suitable project for our cooperative partner, which increase production capacity and income.

Information of paper machine

Finished paper: fluting/testliner paper

Production capacity: 300t/d

Width of sheet on reel: 4600mm

Width of sheet on winder: 4540mm

Wire width: 5050mm

Paper machine dimensioning speeds: 500m/min

Leizhan works in paper pulp machine mill for 37 years, except paper machine, we also produce paper pulp machine, we can supply the whole set pulping line for kraft paper, tissue paper, corrugated paper, coating board paper, and cultural paper making project, so if you have any need, feel free to contact us.