300m/min Cardboard Paper Machine

The 2500/350 layer wire multi-cylinder paper machine is specifically designed to produce high-strength corrugated paper and boxboard paper in the weight range of 80-200g/m². It is comprised of a stacked-net forming section, a pressing section, a drying section, a paper reel, a base section, and a complementary paper machine auxiliary system.

The technical parameters of the paper machine are as follows:

1. Main products: high-strength corrugated paper/boxboard paper

2. Basis weight range: 80-200gsm

3. Net paper width: 2500mm

4. Working speed: 300m/min

5. Design speed: 350m/min

6. Crawling speed: 25m/min

7. Dynamic balancing speed: 500m/min

8. Headbox lip: 2800mm

9. Track gauge: 3500mm

With a strong emphasis on innovation and continuous improvement, Leizhan Machinery, a renowned manufacturer of paper machines, utilizes cutting-edge production technology and state-of-the-art equipment. Our highly skilled R&D team continuously strives to develop new and improved solutions.

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