2tpd Toilet Paper Making Line

Toilet paper machine

Toilet paper making line includes pulping process and toilet paper production process, generally toilet paper pulping line use wood pulp or white shavings as raw material, the project is simple use less number of equipment than wrapping paper making line, so what paper machine used in paper making process?

3t/d wood pulp production line

Wood pulp is conveyed by horizontal Chain conveyor into Vertical hydrapulper for pulping, then the High density cleaner remove the heavy impurity from pulp, the Claflin refiner and Double disc refiner are used for improving the pulp beating degree.

Need equipment: Chain conveyor, Vertical hydrapulper, High density cleaner, Pulp pump, Pulp chest/Agitator, Claflin refiner, Double disc refiner.

2t/d toilet paper machine

Paper type: toilet paper

Trim width: 1200mm

Base weight: 18~25g/㎡

Speed: 80~100m/min

Distant between saleplates: 1800mm

Driving type: sectional drive