2880mm Kraft Paper Machine For Sale

Kraft paper machine

Kraft paper is the highest strength of the paper, per square meter can withstand 32-125 grams range. Usually use recycling paper as raw material, high efficiency and high quality paper machine can increase more capacity for paper maker and bring more benefits.

2880mm Kraft Paper Machine

Paper making type: kraft paper, cradboard paper
GSM: 100-250g/m²
Production capacity: 50-60t/d
Trimmed width: 2880mm
Operating speed: 100-150m/min
Designed speed: 200m/min
Raw material: waste paper or cardboard

The kraft paper machine has differently types according to the paper quality, one wire, double wire or three wire, usually one wire just use waste paper as raw material, this paper quality is poorer, and two or three layer paper machine use wood pulp/white shavings as the top layer material, waste paper as bottom layer pulp. As for three layer has cone layer use medium fiber as pulp. Leizhan manufacture whole set of stock preparation line in the best quality and price, if you have any need, feel free to contact us.