2850mm Crescent Tissue Paper Machine for Sale

Tissue paper machine
2850mm crescent tissue paper machine used to produce high grade toilet paper, hand towel, tissue paper, basic weight is 12-25 g/㎡. Our engineer designed this tissue paper making project for customer, paper machine details as below note, hope give you some support.

2850mm Toilet Paper Making Machine technology data

Production paper kind: high grade toilet paper, hand towel, tissue paper
Application of pulp kind: commodity wood pulp
Base weight range: 12 ~ 25 g/㎡
Net paper width: 2850mm
Working speed: 500 m/min (line speed of dryer)
Design speed: 600 m/min (line speed of dryer)
Nominal Capacity:22t/d (calculated according to 500m/min of dryer cylinder linear velocity, the finished paper base weight of 15g/㎡, crepe ratio is 25%,efficiency 95%.)
Gauge: 3800 mm

We manufacture the complete paper making line contain stock preparation process and paper machine, the paper pulp machine type and size is customized according to paper machine and customer’s requirements, if you have any need, feel free to contact us for more details.