2850 Crescent Former Tissue Paper Machine

2850 crescent former tissue paper machine is mainly used to poduce living paper. The width of reeling paper is 2850mm. Crescent former tissue paper machine has following parts: headbox, crescent forming part, press part, drying part, reeling machine.

Components of Crescent Former Tissue Paper Machine

1.Headbox: The headbox is installed on the frame of the wire part. All parts in contact with the slurry are polished.
2.Crescent forming part: The wire width is 2870mm. The frame material is mild steel lined stainless steel.
3.Press part: Single press area, vacuum roll. Felt loop frame: low carbon steel clad 304 stainless steel.Yankee Rack: Mild Steel Clad 304 Stainless Steel
4.Drying part: Diameter is 4877mm, face width is 3250mm
5.Reeling part: Horizontal reeling machine, pneumatic control, steel frame and track

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