2750 Drum Pulper For 250000t/y White Board Paper Making

Drum pulper

Drum pulper is widely used in big capacity paper production line, recently we delivered 2750 Drum pulper for Guangdong Yaode Paper Mill, which set up a new 250000 tons per year white board paper making line. We have delivered 3750 Drum pulper and Chain conveyor for customer, and will deliver other equipment next time.

Project information
Time: October, 2017
Customer: Guangdong Yaode Paper Mill
Address: Guangdong, China
Project: 250,000t/y white board paper making
Delivered equipment: 2750 Drum pulper

This project has four layer pulp, according to different capacity equip different type pulping equipment. 2750 Drum pulper customer purchased  capacty can reach 140~200t/d, drum diameter is ∅2750mm.

The Drum pulper advantages:

1. Gentle continuous gentle pulping, reduce damage to fiber.
2. Low damage to impurities and high efficiency of deslagging reduce the following equipment burden.
3. Low energy consumption, reduce running cost.
4. Few quick-wear parts, low maintenance cost.