2600 Corrugated Paper Machine Project

Sustainability is crucial in today’s packaging industry and we fully recognize this. Therefore, our corrugated paper making machines are designed to minimize waste and reduce environmental pollution to support the concept of sustainable development.

We are customer-focused and committed to providing comprehensive support and service. Whether it’s equipment installation, routine maintenance or emergency repairs, our experienced team of engineers and technicians ensure your corrugated paper making machine is running at peak performance. We are always in close contact with our customers to support them with problem solving and consultation.

Details Of Corrugated Paper Making Machine

Main products: Liner board paper, Corrugated paper

Quantitative range: 80-200gsm

Net paper width: 2600mm

Production capacity: 30-40t/d

Design speed: 140m/min

Working speed: 60-100m/min

Dynamic balance speed: 250m/min

By choosing our corrugated paper making machines, you get highly reliable equipment and the support of a professional service team to achieve optimal production results and maximum customer satisfaction. We look forward to working with you to jointly promote the development of the packaging industry and sustainable development goals. Email address: leizhanworld@gmail.com