25TPD Cultural Paper Making Project

Cultural paper machine

cultural paper making project divides into stock preparation and cultural paper machine, the stock preparation can use wood pulp/white shavings high quality raw material, or waste book pulp, and this has a directly impact on finished paper quality. We supply the whole complete paper making machine suitable for various kinds of raw material and paper making.

1760mm Fourdrinier multi-cylinder cultural paper machine

Paper grade: coating original paper, cultural paper
Trimmed width: 1760mm
GSM: 40-80g/㎡
Working speed: 200-250m/min
Design speed: 300m/min
Capacity: 25t/d

The wood pulp stock preparation for this cultural paper making need M.C Hydrapulper, High density cleaner, Double disc refiner and Pressure screen before Headbox, this pulping process is more simple but pulp quality is higher because of the material. The waste book pulping process need pulper equipment, cleaner, screening, deinking machine, stock washer etc., to make the pulp cleaner to meet production requirements. All this can be available in Leizhan, if you have any need, feel free to contact us for more details.