2400 Fluting Liner Paper Making Machine Making Line

This fluting paper making machine mainly used in the manufacture of high strength fluting paper, corrugated paper and carton paper.

Main Details of Fluting Liner Paper Making Machine

  • Paper Grades: Corrugated paper,fluting paper
  • Basis weight range: 90~180 g/m²
  • Design basis weight: 120 g/ m²
  • Production (100% efficiency): 322 t/24h
  • Basis weight of sheet on reel: 120 g/m²
  • Paper width on reel: 2400 mm
  • Wire width: 3100 mm
  • Fluting paper making machine dimensioning production with 100% efficiency (maximum momentary production at reel = dimensioning value of pulping process and drying minimal capacity)

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