20t/d Deinked Tissue Paper Making Line

20t/d Deinked Tissue Paper Making Line

Leizhan supplies superior deinked tissue paper making line for paper mills to improve the performance of tissue paper. In order to fulfill the increasing demands of tissue paper makers, Leizhan experienced engineers and experts work out high efficiency and innovative 20t/d deinked tissue paper making solution.

20t/d Deinked Tissue Paper Pulp Making Line

To produce high quality tissue paper, Leizhan engineer design the following solution. Machines needed in the 20t/d deinked tissue paper pulp processing line contains: H.C. hydrapulper, High density cleaner, Agitator, Mid consistency pressure screen, Vibrating screen, First stage Low density cleaner, Second stage Low density cleaner, Mid consistency fine pressure screen, Flotation deinking machine, Water pump, etc.

20t/d Deinked Tissue Paper Making Machine

The trimmed width of Leizhan tissue paper production machine range of 1575-3600mm and the basic weight range of 13-40g/m2. The tissue paper making machine has a production capacity range from 5 to 50 tons per day with the operating speed range of 180-800m/min.