20T/D Tissue Paper Pulp Machine

paper pulp machine

Engineer of Leizhan designed tissue paper pulp project for Egypt paper making friend. According to customers requirement we design the complete pulping line for 20t/d tissue paper making project, this pulping line contain pulper, cleaner, refiner and screen before wire.

Pulping system for tissue paper making

This tissue paper pulping line use wood pulp as raw material, so that the puling process is relatively simple, if use cut paper with ink as raw material need more equipment to improve the pulp quality to meet paper making needs. So during the pulping line, what paper equipment we need to install?

Firstly we need a Chain conveyor to translate the raw material into next stage, and the  size of the conveyor depends on how much you produce, we supply 1200-2600mm Chain conveyor, which feeding capacity is 60m³-600m³/h.

Secondly the pulper equipment we suggest to select D type hydrapulper. Maybe you want to ask why give this suggestion? At first D type hydrapulper applicable to all raw materials broken solution, small investment and small footprint, can continuous pulping. Of course we also provide other pulper  equipment, such as Drum pulper, M.C. hydrapulper, etc.

Thirdly High density cleaner is used to remove heavy impurities, like staples, stones, glasses,etc., in order to prevent heavy impurities on the equipment wear too large and lead to short life, our vertebral body adopt ceramic liner, the inlet and outlet pulp use the stainless steel.

Fourthly Refiner equipment use Double disc refiner and Conical refiner to improve the beating degree, this equipment have two refiner area and four discs, can be removed for screening.

Sixth we need some auxiliary equipment to drive the operation of the pulping line. Pump and Agitator, pump is make the pulp into next stage from last step, and the Agitator can prevent fiber flocculation.