20T/D Tissue Paper Stock Preparation Line

Our tissue paper stock preparation line adopts a green and environmentally friendly raw material processing method, mainly using recycled fibers such as waste paper as pulp raw materials.

Through the precise processing of the tissue paper stock preparation line, the waste paper is completely transformed into clean, white, soft and comfortable pulp through processes such as cleaning, impurity removal and bleaching, ensuring the safety and hygiene of tissue paper.

Some Equipment On the Stock Preparation Line

Name Type or Manuf. No. Specification & Technical Data Motor(kW)
Chain conveyor BFW1200 Working width: B=1200mm 5.5
High Consistency Hydrapulper ZDSG5 5m3 C=14~18% 110
High Density Cleaner ZSC2 Q=800~1400l/min, C=2~4%,  P= 0.2-0.5MPa  
Fiber Separator ZDF2 D=560mm h=3mm C=2.5~3% 37
Vibrating Screen ZSK2 2m2 h=4mm C=1% 3

We focus on product quality and user experience. The pulp produced by the tissue paper stock preparation line has stable quality. The paper is soft and comfortable, with fine texture and no fiber residue. Welcome to contact us by email: leizhanworld@gmail.com