200TPD High Strength Fluting Paper Production Project

200TPD High Strength Fluting Paper Production Project

High Strength Fluting Paper Production

High Strength Fluting Paper can be produced using waste paper, paper board as raw material. Leizhan supplies complete Fluting paper making project equipment and solutions for paper plants based on production capacity, raw material, and finished paper quality and type.

Leizhan engineers give the following solution for 200T/D Kraft paper, high strength fluting paper stock preparation project based on Japanese waste paper.

200TPD Japanese waste paper production line

Waste paper conveying: Chain conveyor
Paper pulping: D type hydrapulper
Heavy impurity removal:High density cleaner, Mid-density cleaner, Long fiber low density cleaner group
Pulp screening: Mid consistency coarse screen, Fiber separator, Reject separator, Lip screen, Mid-density pressure screen, Pressure screen before paper machine
Pulp thickening: Inclined screen
Pulp refining: Double disk refiner