200TPD High-strength Corrugated Paper Machine

High strength corrugated paper machine

Leizhan supply various paper machine and paper pulp machine for paper maker, the following is technical parameters about 4000mm High-strength corrugated paper machine.

4000mm High-strength corrugated paper machine

Paper grade: High strength corrugated paper, cardboard paper
GSM: 120-250g/㎡
Production: 200t/d (Calculated DSM: 180g/㎡, working speed: 300m/min)
Trimmed width: 4000mm
Working Speed: 300m/min
Driving mode: AC motor frequency conversion speed subsection drive

This paper machine used for corrugated paper and cardboard paper making in a high speed, and  the quality of the paper machine is very high, Leizhan has focus on paper machine manufacturing 37 years, have rich experience and advance technology, we can supply stock preparation whole line, paper machine and spare parts, if you have any need, feel free to contact us for more details.