200T/D Kraft Paper Making Project

Kraft Paper Machine

Kraft paper making project includes paper pulping process and kraft paper production process, pulping process contain top layer pulp production and bottom layer pulp production, the kraft paper machine is two layer kraft paper machine. This 200t/d kraft paper making machines supplied Leizhan adopt advanced technology, have high quality, work stability.

Kraft paper pulping line

Top layer pulp use wood pulp as raw material, this pulping process only need D type hydrapulper for pulping, High density cleaner for removing heavy impurities, Fractionating Screen, and Double disc refiner to improve pulp beating degree.

Bottom layer pulp use waste paper as raw material, the pulping line is more complex, need Pulper equipment(Drum pulper or D type hydrapulper), Cleaner equipment(High density cleaner, Mid density cleaner, Low density cleaner), Screening equipment(M.C. pressure screen:coarse and fine screen, Fractionating Screen), Fiber separator, Reject separator.

Kraft paper machine

Output paper type: kraft paper, corrugated paper

Trimmed width: 3600mm

Base wight: 80-200g/„é°

Distant between soleplates: 5100mm

Capacity: 200t/d

Working speed: 380m/min

Design speed: 450m/min