1575mm 15T/D Waste Paper Recycling Equipment, Facial Tissue Making Machine

Facial Tissue Making Machine  Product Description:

    • 1.output paper :toilet paper, tissue paper, paper napkin
    • 2. raw material: waste paper, virgin pulp
    • 3.capacity: 3-10 ton per day
    • 4. net paper width:787mm
    • 5.output paper weight: 13-40g/m2
    • 6. rail gauge:1300mm
    • 7.working speed: 40-60m/min

Specification of Facial Tissue Making Machine:

    • 1.Trimmed Width:787,1092,1575,1760,1880,2184,2400,2640,2880.3200,3400,3800, 4200,44002.
    • 2.Raw material: Virgin Pulp, recycled paper, De-inked pulp.The automatic toilet paper making machine used to make toilet tissue paper roll in paper making industry.

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