150TPD Fluting Paper Production Line

By adopting automation and intelligent control technology, our fluting paper production line significantly enhances production efficiency. With the ability to continuously produce at high speeds and operate automatically, our fluting paper production line ensures a streamlined and highly efficient production process. This not only reduces the time required for production but also minimizes labor costs. With improved production efficiency, our customers can increase their output and meet market demands more effectively.

Structure description of some part of fluting paper production line

Structure description of each part of the paper machine

Headbox 1 set Adopt double homogenizing stick air-cushion headbox: lip width of headbox is 2850mm
double layer wire part Wire elongation: 1.5% The maximum working tension of the wire: 6KN/m
Press part Dryness of the paper web at the press part: ≥46% Maximum working tension of felt: 5KN/m
Drying part equipped with 28 Φ1800 dryer cylinder Dryer wire design tension: 6N/mm


Sizing upper roller 1 set Diameter/roller surface length: φ705X2900X70mm
Reel machine 1 set

By selecting our fluting paper production line machines, you not only receive reliable and high-performance equipment, but you also play an active role in supporting environmental sustainability. Welcome to contact us. Email address: leizhanworld@gmail.com