150T/D Wrapping Paper Pulp Machine In Egypt

High-speed stock washer

Leizhan supply paper pulp machine for Egypt paper mill, which develop new 150t/d corrugated paper, kraft paper, white carton paper making line, this paper making line includes waste paper pulping and wood pulp production, and the waste paper pulping process is almost the same.

Delivered information

Time: 2017.8.13

Customer: Egypt Paper Mill

Project: Corrugated/Kraft/White carton paper pulping line

Capacity: 150t/d

Need equipment: M.C. coarse pressure screen, High-speed stock washer, Inflow pressure screen, etc.

High-speed stock washer

Mainly used for deinking line in white carton paper pulp process, washing and concentrating in various domestic and overseas waste recycled pulp, chemical pulp before or after bleaching. Removing ink particle, fillers and other small impurities from the slurry with high efficient.

The features of Leizhan High-speed stock washer

1. High efficiency of impurity prolapse, high efficiency dewatering, very clean after wash the slurry.

2. Less occupied area, large production capacity, low power consumption.

3. Single machine can achieve the concentration of slurry change from low to high, the concentration increased fast, high ash removal rate, high efficiency of washing.