150T/D Packaging Paper making project

paper making machine
Leizhan supply the pulping equipment for a new 150t/d Packaging Paper making project, which is opened by a Egypt paper mill. Packaging paper is widely used in our life, the paper strength is high, and this requires high quality pulp. Leizhan is committed in paper&pulp industry more than 35 years, has rich experience.

150T/D Packaging Paper making project

Raw material: Commercial wood pulp, LOCC

Capacity production: 150t/d

Need equipment: Drum Pulper, M.C. Pressure Screen, Double Disc Refiner, Low Density Cleaner, etc,.

Working Principle

The Commercial wood pulp or LOCC are  transport by Chain Conveyor into Drum Pulper for pulping, and then the pulp enter into High density cleaner to remove the heavy impurities, The next step is coarse screening, Low density Cleaner and fine screening(m.c. pressure screen).