150 TPD Corrugated Paper Making Line For Egypt Paper Mill

The paper mill in Egypt has been purchased the 150 tpd corrugated paper making line from our company, include the paper pulp line and corrugated paper machine.

Process Flow of Corrugated Paper Making Line

waste paper → high consistency hydrapulper → high frequency vibrating screen → pulp pump → efficient double disc pulp refiner → pulp pump → chest agitator→ pulp pump → centrifugal screen → pulp pump → impurity remover → paper machine → calendar → winding machine → rewinding machine → marketing

Characteristic Of Recycling Machine For Paper


  • Excellent component element intefration, unique flow channel design. The special flow channel can jet the pulp evenly, and no fiber and dust stayed
  • Adjustable slice angle designed, is can be adjusted at any time.
  • Rotproof stainless steal, durable usage time.

Suction Cylinder

  • Special design for hole drilling, insure high efficient water dehydration..
  • Steam and water automatic separate design, minimize ther energy consumption.

Full Service of LeiZhan Company

In our company sales service system, including pre-sale, sale, after-sales service, there are service you by professional technician.Experienced experts in the industry will be tailor-made provede customer a houshold paper making solution. Professional field engineers to provide you with one-stop service from equipment installation, commissioning, personnel training, to normal production. Professonal service team provide you a full-set after- sales service needs and project following service

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Corrugated Paper Making line