120T/D Box Board Paper Making Machine

coating paper machine

A high quality and low price paper machine can be seen in Zhengzhou Leizhan company, we focus on paper making machine many years, our engineers have rich experience to solve many different situations to meet your needs. This machine is used to produce box board paper and other coating paper.

Technical data:

Raw material: waste paper

Capacity production: 120t/d

Working process: pulping system, papermaking system

Pulping equipment

Chain Conveyor—D Type Hydrapulper—Dump pulp pump—Incliner thickener—Pulp chest—Pulp pump—High density cleaner—1st Stage mid-consistency coarse screen—Pulp chest/Agitator—Pulp pump—Fiber separator—Reject separator—Pulp chest/Agitator—Mid Consistency Cleaner—Fiber Lip Screen—White water chest/agitator—1st Stage Cleaner Pulp Pump—1st Low Density Cleaner—2nd Stage Cleaner Pulp Pump—2nd Low Density Cleaner—3rd Stage Cleaner Pulp Pump—3rd Low Density Cleaner—1st Stage Fine Screen—Pulp chest/Agitator—Pulp pump—1st Stage Mid-consistency Fine Screen—Incliner thickener—Pulp chest—Pulp pump—Double Disk Refiner—Pulp chest/Agitator—Pulp pump of toplayer paper making machine—Pulp pump of underlayer paper making machine

This is the whole set pulping line for box board paper making line, the papermaking machine also on hot sale, we can design solution for you according to your needs, if you have any need, feel free to contact us.