10T/D Toilet Paper Machine For Sale

toilet paper machine

Many paper making friends consult us for details of tissue paper machine, and our professional managers and engineers give some suggestion to solve customers’ questions. We design the 3000mm tissue paper production project to produce 10t/d toilet paper for our paper making friends.

Main technical parameters and configuration

1、Production paper kind:Tissue paper

2、Trimmed width:3000mm

3、Basic weight:15–25g/m2

4、Work speed:160-180m/min

5、Design speed:200m/min

6、Capacity of per day:10T

7、Drive mode:Division  transmission、Frequency & speed adjust control

8、Degree of dryness:After wire part:≥18%——Into cylinder dryness:≥43%——Finished paper:90%-92%

9、 Day running hours:22.5hours

Toilet paper machine

1. Φ1000 Axial flow draught fan(Extraction the steam of wet sheet when drying)

2. 3000 Tissue Paper machine(Paper making)

3. Air compressor(Produce air pressure,For the use of equipment pneumatic device)

4. Air storage tank (Storage air)

5. Paper machine frequency transformer(Control the power of AC motor,synchronize the paper machine synchronous running)

6. Felt(Convey wet sheet for drying paper)

7. Cylinder mould In &Out net(Before wire ,pulp and water will separate, make the diluted slurry becoming wet sheet)