100t/d Printing Paper Making Line

100t/d Printing Paper Making Line

Leizhan can supply a turn-key solution for 100t/d printing paper making line. Using waste paper, old newspaper as raw material, paper mills can produce 100 tons high grade printing paper per day with Leizhan printing paper stock preparation line and printing paper making machine.

100t/d Printing Paper Stock Preparation Line

First of all, waste newspaper is conveyed by Chain conveyor into Drum pulper for pulping.
Secondly, pulp will be conveyed into High density cleaner for removing staples, stones, glassed from the slurry.
Thirdly, Mid consistency coarse pressure screen, Reject separator will be used for coarse screening of the pulp.
Then, Low density cleaner group can be used for further cleaning of the pulp. Mid consistency fine pressure screen will be used for fine screening.
After fine screening, the pulp will be conveyed into High speed washer for pulp washing and concentrating.
Finally, Double disc refiner will be used for pulp refining.

100t/d Printing Paper Making Machine

Air cushion head box 1 set
Fourdrinier table 1 set
Suction couch 1 set
Suction move roll 1 set
Four roll three press suction combi-press 1 set
Main press 1 set
Dryer section 24 sets
Sizing machine 1 set
Horizontal pneumatic paper winding machine 1 set
Lead paper rope system 4 sets
Calender 1 set