100T/D Kraft Paper Machine For Sale

Kraft paper making machine

100T/D kraft paper making project includes kraft paper pulping process and kraft paper making process, this two process can be designed by Leizhan engineers, which can work stable and  reasonable, we supply the whole paper machine for paper making project.

Kraft paper pulping process

Bottom layer pulp: firstly the waste paper is convoyed into Drum pulper for pulping, the drum pulper can remove the light heavy impurities, and then slurry is pumped into High density cleaner by pulp pump, the good slurry is improved the consistency by inclined screen and go to the next stage coarse pressure screen: M.C. pressure screen, the screening equipment can remove the impurities in pulp, the Reject separator is for separating light impurities from the pulp, then the pulp enter into Mid density cleaner for further cleaning, then is the pulp fine screen of M.C. pressure screen, finally the pulp will be conveyed into inflow pressure screen before paper machine.

Top layer pulp: The wood pulp is be broken by M.C. hydrapulper and then the high density cleaner is used to remove heavy impurities, then need double disc refiner to improve the pulp beating degree to meet the paper making needs.

Kraft paper machine

Paper type: kraft paper

Capacity: 100T/D

Width of sheet on winder: 3200mm

GSM: 80-200g/㎡

Design working speed: 100-180m/min