100T 2500 Single Fourdrinier Corrugated Paper Machine

This corrugated paper machine is a 2500-type fourdrinier multi-cylinder paper machine, which is mainly used to produce 80-140g/㎡ high-strength corrugated paper, etc. Products of this corrugated paper machine are all roll paper.

The corrugated paper machie consists of wire part, pressing part, drying part, sizing machine, reeling part, transmission part, foundation part, steam hood part, electric control part, lubricating part, threading rope system,

Main Parameters of Corrugated Paper Machine

Paper Grade High-strength corrugated paper
Basis weight(g/㎡) 80-140
Trimmed width(mm) 2500
Wire width(mm) 3000
Working speed(m/min) 250-280
Production Capacity(t/d) 150

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