Different Between Drum Pulper and D Type Hydrapulper

drum pulper

Advantages of Drum Pulper

    • low damage to impurities
    • high efficiency of deslagging, reduce the following equipment burden
    • long pulping residence time,low rate fine fiber loss
    • few quick-wear parts
    • continuous pulping
    • low maintenance cost

d type hydrapuper

Advantages of D Type Hydrapulper

      • take less time to stop and clean
      • suitable for all kinds of raw materials
      • the rotor and sieve plate have long service time

The biggest different between Drum Pulper and D Ttpe Hydrapulper is Drum Pulper need’t other equpment help, it can pulp and coarse screen along, the D Type Hydrapulper need a series equipments collaborate together. In a word, if you bought Drum Pulper, alomst once and for all.

Drum Pulper Mild pulp does not damage fibers and impurities, can improve the index of paper formation and reduce the pressure of impurities in subsequent equipment. The D Type Hydrapulper has a wide range of raw materials, and the equipment investment is smaller than the drum Pulper. D TYPE Hydrapulper suitable for customer who has smaller output or limited investment budget.