Zhengzhou Leizhan Machinery Cooperates With Zhejiang Jinhua Dingding Industry

As a world-renowned supplier of papermaking equipment, Zhengzhou Leizhan Machinery has always been known for its leading technology and excellent quality.

Over the years, the company has insisted on independent innovation and has a dynamic and creative R&D team. Our team provided a tailor-made pulping line for Zhejiang Jinhua Dingding Industrial Co., Ltd., which has won praise from customers. This is the strong alliance between the two companies in the field of pulp preparation, opening a new chapter in the production of new paper industry.

Zhejiang Jinhua Dingding Industrial Co., Ltd. is a leader in the field of paper industry in China, with a wide market share and high-quality customer resources. Thanks to Zhejiang Jinhua Dingding Industrial Co., Ltd. for its trust in Zhengzhou Leizhan Machinery Co., Ltd.

We can provide the whole set of machine for various paper making lines. Welcome to contact us for more details. Email address: leizhanworld@gmail.com