Waste Paper Pulp Equipment UP-Flow Pressure Screen

 waste paper pulp equipment up-flow pressure screen

UP-Flow Pressure Screen adopts the upflow structure of bottom slurry feeding, bottom discharge heavy slag and top row light slag, which effectively solves the problem of removing impurities.

Working principle of UP-Flow Pressure Screen: The light impurities and the air in the slurry naturally rise to the top slag discharge, and the heavy impurities enter the body and are discharged through the bottom. Which Effectively shortening the residence time of impurities in the sieve zone, reducing the possibility of impurity circulation, improving screening efficiency, preventing the wear of heavy impurities on the rotor and screen drum, extending the life of the UP-Flow Pressure Screen .

Main Parameters of UP-Flow Pressure Screen

Concentration of inflow and output pulp(%) 0.2-0.5
Size of screen hole(mm) 0.15-0.55
Size of screen slot(mm) 1.2-5.0

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