Pulp Machine For Bengal Paper Mill

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Pulp Machien For Bengal Paper Mill Delivery Site

This time, our company product the new and nice pulp machine for customer in the Bengal, they need paper pulp machine for there Corrugated Paper making plan. This time, we offer them pulp machine include :

  • Chain Conveyor: Our Chain Conveyor has large capacity and high efficiency, can help the paper mill improve the competitiveness, and the Chain Conveyor easy to control, can change the speed with different material.
  • D Type Hydrapulper : D Type Hydrapulper is mainly used to crush pulp board, wastepaper, deinking, and pulp purification. It materials of the parts in contact with pulp is stainless steel, so it’s clean and durable.
  • Reject Separator: Our Reject Separator no fiber loss, the slag it emission without any fiber, save the cost for the paper mill.

Besides these pulp machine, we also offer the Cleaner machine ,Screening machine and Grapple to them in this time. Oue machine has few quick-wear parts and low energy consumption, sturdy and durable, and the operation is convenient.

We are grateful for our customers, thank you for they trust and support our company, and we won’t let them down, we will offer the best machine and service to our friends as always.

If your paper mill need paper pulp making line, please leave message on this website or send email to us, we are pleasure to offer you the best machine.

Email: leizhanworld@gmail.com