Pulp Cleaning Machine High Density Cleaner


Pulp Cleaning High Density Cleaner is a new type of waste paper pulp cleaning machine. Its has double-cone instruction, and it is an ideal choice for paper manufacturers to improve product quality and select purifying pulp.

Pulp Cleaning High Density Cleaner Features

  • Pulp Cleaning High Density Cleaner is particularly suitable for using as waste pulp cleaning Machine & purifying equipment.
  • High Density Cleaner separates heavy impurities from the pulp to achieve the purpose of purifying the pulp by utilizing different proportions of fibers and impurities.
  • Pulp Cleaning High Density Cleaner has a wide range of applications. It can also be used for the selective purifying of low-concentration pulp before the paper machine.
  • The material of double cones is stainless steel or ceramic, which has good wear resistance.

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