Paper Pulp Machine Drum Pulper

The drum pulper makes impurities such as plastic films tend to remain intact and rarely shredded, and the removal rate in the screening section is higher.
For the entire waste paper pulping process, the more the drum pulper helps separate the debris in the front stage, the smaller the burden will be on the cleaner in the back stage, and the corresponding efficiency and ultimately the overall slag removal effect will be higher. . The drum pulper integrates pulping and screening, and is especially suitable for pulping unsorted waste paper raw materials.

Application & Features

1. A single machine can perform continuous crushing and preliminary rough screening, simplifying the subsequent purification and separation process.

2. The loosening force on the fibers is relatively gentle, maintaining the physical properties of the fibers to the maximum extent.

3. The disintegration residence time is long, the fiber is fully decomposed, and the fiber loss rate is small.

4. Low power consumption, reducing operating costs. There are basically no wearing parts, and it can run continuously without stopping, reducing maintenance costs.

5. The impurity crushing rate is low and the slag discharge efficiency is high, which reduces the burden of subsequent processes.

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