Paper Pulp Machine Broken Pulper

Broken pulper is mainly applied to shred broken paper and various waste papers. Broken pulper is mainly composed of rotor, transmission part and other parts. The rotor of the broken pulper is horizontally installed. When the rotor is running, the water flow is sucked in along the center of the axis and thrown around at high speed, forming a water circulation.

Application & Features

1. The rotor shreds and the mutual turbulence of different flow velocity layers produces internal friction, which causes the pulp to be broken down and fibers separated in the wet state.

2. The special shape of the tailings of the crushing blade enables it to keep the sieve holes from being blocked.

3. The end of the pulp tank is equipped with a transmission part, which consists of a main shaft, a bearing chamber, a fine pulp chamber, etc.

4. Below the rotor is a sieve plate with various specifications of sieve holes to choose from. The gap between the rotor and the screen plate can be adjusted manually.

5. The impeller pulper is installed horizontally, and heavy residue accumulates at the bottom of the tank, thereby greatly reducing the wear of the screen plate under the impeller, preventing sand residue from clogging the screen holes, and achieving continuous operation.

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