Paper Mill Tissue Paper Making Machine From Waste Paper

The tissue machine is a special equipment for producing various daily papers. The tissue machine is divided into fourdrinier type and cylindrical type, the paper output speed can be 80-200 m / min, the net paper width can be 787-4400mm, the paper weight is 13-30 g / m2, the production capacity is 1 per day -28 tons. We can recommend the most suitable configuration according to customer requirements.

Technical Parameter of Tissue Paper Making Machine:

Raw Material Bleached Softwood Pulp
Capacity 10 ton/day
Output Paper High Quality Toilet Paper
Gram Weight 17~30g/m2
Net Paper Width 1880mm
Working Speed 100m/min
Rail Gauge 2800mm
Cylinder Mold Diameter Φ1500mm
Drying Cylinder Diameter Φ2500mm
Carrying Roller Diameter Φ550mm
Winding Paper Machine Diameter Φ900mm
Drive Way AC Frequency Conversion Speed Regulation.
Remark: other models are also available

Raw Material of Tissue Paper Making Machine:

Final Product of Tissue Paper Making Machine:

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