Paper Making Machine Main Part Doctor Blade

The doctor blade is the main part of the paper machine, whose role is essential

In order to ensure the normal operation of the paper machine, it is necessary to ensure the integrity of the doctor blade, thereby effectively improving the operating efficiency of the entire production line. When we work, we must ensure that the surface of the roller is clean, it is easier to peel off the paper, reducing the possibility of damage and holes.

In order to better assist production operators in removing paper from the wet section to the drying section, until to the winder, it is necessary to install the scraper of the paper machine at the correct position on the paper peeling or dryer surface. The quality and efficiency of paper machine products are the goals pursued by paper machine companies. The scrapers designed by professional paper mills can ensure that the surfaces of the rollers and dryers can remove impurities more cleanly.

The doctor blade is installed in many parts of the paper machine, from the wire part to the winder. Different parts of the scraper device have different characteristics. Reasonable choice of scraper, improve the quality of the paper output of the equipment, improve the operating efficiency of the equipment, and thus improve the production capacity of the enterprise.

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