Low Density Cleaner Paper Pulping Machine

Low density cleaner uses a helix tangent into the cone, creating a stable vortex. The unique balanced water design of the low density cleaner greatly reducing fiber loss. Low density cleaner is widely used in various pulp purification systems to remove fine heavy impurities such as sand and dust in pulp.

Application & Features

1. Flexible structural design, more convenient disassembly and assembly.

2. Low power consumption, the unique design allows the pulp to enter the slag cleaner with low concentration and form a stable vortex, which greatly reduces the system power consumption and operation and maintenance costs.

3. The main body is made of wear-resistant stainless steel, which enhances the wear-resistant and corrosion resistance of the slag remover, and has a wider application range. The slag discharge cone is made of wear-resistant ceramics to ensure a long service life.

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