Living Paper Pulp Making Line Delievery Site For Paper Mill In GuangXi Province

The paper mill in Guangxi province set up the new living paper making line, and our company offer the whole living paper pulp making line for the paper mill.

The living paper pulp making line main include Mid Consistency Hydrapulper, Bale Breaker,  High Density Cleaner, Agitator.

This time we main deliever the M.C. Hydrapulper, High Desity Cleaner, Agitator and  matching accessories.

Our company can offer paper mill whole living paper making line, include paper pulp making line, paper making machine and paper machine spare parts.

Wlecome email us if you are interested in our paper or paper pulp making machine, you can send us email or leave your requirements on this website, our business manager will send you paper machine details and price soon.