Light Impurity Separator For Paper Making Line

The function of light impurity separator is applied to deal with light impurity and tailing in coarse screening of waste paper pulp. Light impurity separator is an advanced pulp cleaning equipment which can collect and get rid of impurities effectively.

Working Principle of Light Impurity Separator

Light impurity separator adopts the way of up-flow inlet. The high-speed rotation of the rotor in the shell to generate a powerful vortex, and light impurities gathers in the vortex center, then discharged from the top of the shell center. Heavy impurity are deposited in the slag outside of the sieve plate and removed through the slag tank. The inverse conical desgign and concave top structure of light impurity separator can make a strong vortex and form a low pressure area in the top center to remove impurities from the paper pulp availably.

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