Industrial Bale Breaker For Paper Making Line

Bale breaker is suitable for the continuous and efficient selection of waste materials on the conveyor, which greatly reduces the wear and tear of subsequent beating and screening equipment. The scientific arrangement of the sieve holes on the screen cylinder of the bale breaker and the internal guide plate provides favorable conditions for the effective screening of small debris mixed in waste paper.

Application & Features

1. Spread densely packed waste paper into sheets to reduce the use of forklifts; remove light and heavy impurities to reduce subsequent equipment wear.

2. Add a pre-soaking and spraying device to pre-soak and spray waste paper in advance, improving the efficiency of subsequent pulping equipment by 20~25%.

3. Improve the internal spiral structure to reduce the working time of raw materials in the bulk bag machine and improve work efficiency.

4. Save waste paper sorting space and classification labor, and increase the space for utilization and appreciation of classified waste paper and waste.

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