High-Speed Stock Washer Machine

High-speed stock washer is multi-purpose, it can not only wash, but also thicken, especially used for washing and concentration of waste paper deinking and pulping. High-speed stock washer is a replacement product of pulp washing and thickening equipment, which can help customers save costs. Moreover, after washing by the high-speed stock washer, the pulp quality is uniform and the cleanliness is high.

Application & Features

1. Widely used in the pre-bleaching and post-bleaching washing and concentration of various waste paper recycled pulp and chemical pulp.

2. It has extremely high removal efficiency for fine impurities such as ink particles and fillers in the pulp, and the removal efficiency of impurities is high.

3. Save water consumption, high dehydration efficiency, high washing degree of pulp after washing.

4. Small footprint, large production capacity and low power consumption.

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