High Density Cleaner For Wast Paper Recycling

High density cleaner

High density cleaner used in stock preparation line to remove heavy impurities after pulper equipment, this equipment contact heavy impurities like staples, stones, glasses directly, need high quality and specially material to ensure the service time.

Leizhan High density cleaner

1. To ensure the life time of cleaner, Leizhan High density cleaner use wear resistance ceramics cone, the outlet and inlet pulp is stainless steel.

2. Equipped sediment tank, which controlled by PLC control system, can automatic slagging, save manpower and easy to operate.

3. Double cone structure, strong ability to separate heavy impurities.

Cleaner equipment in paper making industry divides into High density cleaner, Mid density cleaner and Low density cleaner, this years the Mid density cleaner is used less because of high efficient of High density cleaner. The High and Low density cleaner both treat heavy impurities, the difference of them is High density cleaner used after pulper equipment, Low density cleaner used after coarse screening and before fine screening for further cleaning.

Leizhan cleaner equipment has long service time and high working efficient, if you have any need, feel free to contact us.