High Density Cleaner For Paper Pulping Machine

The upper cone slag removal cylinder of this type of high density cleaner is connected with the lower cone slag removal cylinder, so that the contact surface between the pulp and slag in the high density cleaner and the valve plate is tilted, which can effectively reduce the pressure of the valve. High density cleaner can prolong the service life, effectively reduce slag stuck faults, and improve operating efficiency.

Main Specification

1. High density cleaner occupies a small area, is easy to operate, does not block the slag discharge port, and has high purification efficiency.

2. Double cone structure, volute type slurry feeding, strong ability to separate heavy slag.

3. Large-diameter feed tee, single throughput is large, pressure drops, power consumption is low, and process design is simplified.

4. The part in contact with the pulp is made of stainless steel, and the cone is made of thickened wear-resistant alumina ceramics, which has a long service life.

5. High density cleaner is divided into two types: manual slag discharge and automatic slag discharge.

6. Control the interlocking system to prevent fiber loss.

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