Big Roll Kraft Paper Waste Paper Recycle Production Line

kraft paper machine

Main Technical Data of Kraft Paper Making Machine:

01- Output paper: CorrugatedĀ  paper, Carton paper, kraft paper etc.

02- Paper weight: 40-350g/ m2

03- Paper width: 1200-2100mm

04- Capacity: 5-25t/d

05- Working speed: 60-100m/min

06- Drive way: Synchronization system and AC frequency conversion speed, gear drive

07- Diameter of cylinder:1250mm,1500mm

08- Width of cylinder:1950

09- Diameter of dryer:1500,2500mm,3000mm

10- Width of dryer:1950mm

Our company can offer whole big roll kraft paper production line, include paper pulp making line, kraft paper machine and paper machine spare parts.

Welcome email us if you are interested in kraft paeprmaking or leave message on this web page, our business manager will send you email about machine details and price as soon as possible.