A4 Paper Recycling Machine


Data of A4 Paper Recycling Machine

  • Paper grade : A4 A3 paper, Writting paper , News paper, Copy paper, Printing paper
  • Basis weight : 40 – 80 g/㎡
  • Trimmed width : 1880- 3750 mm
  • Operating speed : 200 – 1200
  • Produce capacity : 20- 270
  • Drive way : AC variable frequency, section drive
  • Raw material : wood pulp
  • Structural layout : Monolayer

The A4 Paper Recycling Machine has the advantages of simple process, small floor space, low investment and high return rate. The whole set of equipment will not produce waste water during the production process, and the discharged chemical water can be reused without any external discharge.

Main Equipment of A4 Paper Recycling Machine

Headbox section—Fourdrinier forming section—Press section—Dryer section—Sizing section—Dryer group section—Calander—Reeling machine—Rewinder

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