5660mm Kraft Liner Board Machine

kraft paper machine

Production Data of 5660mm Kraft Liner Board Machine

Gross production capacity 1200tons/day on pope reel
Reference paper Grades High quality kraftliner with 150g/㎡ Linerboard with 150g/㎡
Basis weight range 100-200 g/㎡
Dryness after pre-dryer section 94%
Starch application per side max 2.5 g/㎡
Dryness at reel 92%
Untrimmed working width 5660 mm
Stock temperature in headbox > 40 °C
Raw material for back and middle layers 100% different grades of OCC ( AOCC, EOCC, JOCC and LOCC)
Toper layer of kraftliner 100% UBKP soft wood

Machine Data

Wire width 6200 mm
Headbox outlet width 6000 mm
Design speed 1100 m/min
Drive speed 1100 m/min
Production speed max 1000 m/min
Balanceing speed 1100 m/min
Linear pressure 1st X-NIP press max 1300 kN/m
Linear pressure 2nd X-NIP press max 1300 kN/m
Working width at reel 5600-5660mm
Rewinding diameter 3600 mm

Details About Paper Machine

  • Back layer headbox

Hydraulic step – diffuser headbox with PE- tank. The Headbox is of proven hydraulic step fiffuser design to creat a high degree of microturbulences in the stock suspension to improve the formation. This very homogeneous stock suspension, as well as the possibility to adjust the jet geometry, is the basis for excellent sheet formation. The slice opening and jet speed ( pressure in the nozzle) can both be adjusted, accoring to the flow volume and basis weight.

  • Press Section

The first and second consists each of an X-ROLL as top roll with the SHOE-PRESS MATING ROLL( HV ROLL BCD) in the bottom position, double felted. Optimal felt conditioning is considered as well as measures towards keeping the press section “clean’, like splash walls, pans and enhousings. Easy roll and felt changed determaine the main framing struction on cantilever design.

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