50 TPD Corrugated Paper Pulp Making Line For Paper Mill In Kazakhstan

The paper mill in Kazakhstan has purchased the 50 tpd corrugated paper pulp making line from our company.Under the influence of the introduction of old customers and the reputation of our product quality, the Kazakhstan paper mill group visited the Leizhan company and our factory. Through in-depth understanding, the company’s products were deeply recognized and successfully signed,they purchased full set of pulping equipment from our company.

This paper pulp making line main include Chain Conveyor, High Consistency Hydrapulper, D Type Hydrapulper, Double Disc Refiner, High-Speed Stock Washer, Cleaner equipment, Mid Consistency Pressure Screen, Chain Conveyor, Reject Separator, Agitator, Pulp pump and so on.

If you are interested in paper making line, you can tell us your requirements and our engineer will design paper making line for you.

Welcome email us or leave message on this website, our business manger will send you more machine details and price soon.

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