3600mm Kraft Paper Production Line

kraft paper machine
3600mm kraft&corrugated paper machine used for 80-200g/㎡ kraft paper and corrugated paper production, use waste paper as raw material, production is 200t/d, the following is paper making project details.

Paper Machine technical data

Paper kind: kraft paper, corrugated paper
Trimmed width: 3600mm
Basic weight: 80-200g/㎡
Capacity: 200t/d
Working speed: 380m/min

The pulping process for kraft paper making use waste paper and wood pulp(or only use waste paper), need pulper, cleaner, screening equipment to make the slurry meet papermaking needs; and corrugated paper making use waste paper as raw material, the pulping machine is the same as kraft paper. We manufacture the whole set of stock preparation line for paper making, if you have any need, feel free to contact us.