3550/1500 High-Grade Tissue Paper Machine

The rubber cover of the vacuum press roll of tissue paper machine is polyurethane glue, which satisfies good dehydration performance. The roll shell of tissue paper machine is stainless steel, the bearings are wear-resistant. The inner box of tissue paper machine is a single vacuum chamber, which meets the maximum dehydration and water absorption of the felt.


1. Paper Grade: Crepe Paper

2. Paper Raw Materials: wood pulp board

3. Maximum Gross Output Of Reeling Machine: 76 t/d

4. Reeling Machine Paper Width: 3550 mm

5. Maximum Paper Roll Diameter: 2500 mm

Leizhan can also provide a set of excellent pulping equipment for the production of tissue paper machine. If you have interest to our machine, please contact us by email: leizhanworld@gmail.com