2850/800 Crescent Tissue Toilet Paper Machine

10T/D Tissue Paper Making Project South Africa

This crescent tissue toilet paper machine is single wire , single felt, multiple points drive,medium speed Crescent tissue paper machine, it is mainly made up of forming section, press and dryer section, electric control transmission section, reel section and so on. The construction is reasonable; the layout is compact; the take-up space is small.

Crescent Tissue Toilet Paper Machine technical Data:

  • Production paper kind: high grade toilet paper, hand towel, tissue paper
  • Application of pulp kind: commodity wood pulp
  • Base weight range: 12 ~ 25 g/㎡
  • Net paper width:2850mm
  • Working speed: 500 m/min (line speed of dryer)
  • Design speed: 600 m/min (line speed of dryer)
  • Crepe ratio: 25%
  • Nominal Capacity:22T/D (calculated according to 500m/min of dryer cylinder linear velocity, the finished paper base weight of 15g/㎡, crepe ratio is 25%,efficiency 95%.)

The forming roll needle of the crescent former is designed for the middle and high speed paper machine, and the diameter is designed according to the running speed, which ensures enough centrifugal force to make the paper better formed.

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